New Book by Bonnie Wills

A friend has finished her newest book about Abraham. I have just finished reading it and it is a very good read. You find writings and verses from one of the books that were left out of the KJV and many other versions. The Book of Jasher(Yasher-no j’s in Hebrew) is where she has brought light into the life of Abram the father of our faith. Bless Bonnie LORD for giving her the knowledge to write these books for us to learn from and to enjoy.

Her web site is Bonnie also has many articles that are enlightening to the seeker of truth, please give her site a visit.

Also, I googled “Book of Jasher” and this is what I came up with so thought I’d pass it on. 

There seems to be alot of controversy over the books that were left out of what we today know as “the Bible”. If we as truth seekers and followers of Yeshua we must look into ALL the books written about and by our Father. At a later time I will post a list of some of the books that were left out of the Bible as we know it. It is not man’s right to tell us what we need to learn, only the LORD’s and therefore we must study all we can find and do so with discernment and open mindedness as to find the truth. And in doing dso we learn to live the way our Father wants us to.


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